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Why do I need to claim CNT IAG tokens?

If you hold IAG tokens on your Ethereum wallet, you need to claim CNT IAG tokens. You’ll receive the same amount of CNT IAG tokens you had in your wallet before

What will be with ERC20 IAG Tokens?

Iagon’s aim is to become 100% Cardano native. We have already migrated 50% of IAG token supply to Cardano. This claim is the next step to be fully on Cardano. ERC20 IAG token will not be in circulation and supported soon.

Do I need to cover the gas fee for claiming?

No, gas fee will be covered by us.

When will I receive CNT IAG tokens?

Our team is doing our best to send you CNT tokens as quickly as possible. It may take at least 14 business days to verify the wallet and complete the transaction. Please be patient and follow up with our announcement! Besides, we encourage you to claim your tokens as early as possible, since we will do the transferring more frequently at the beginning of this token recovery app´s launch.

I have ERC20 IAG tokens on exchange. Should I do anything?

You don't. Deposits and withdrawals for Cardano network CNT tokens are active on Bitrue and exchanges. You can easily get them directly from the exchange to your Cardano wallet. A claim is required only for users, who hold ERC20 tokens in their wallets. Please keep in mind that deposits on Bitrue & Gate exchanges from Ethereum are suspended.