ERC20<>CNT Token Swap Requests is Now Closed

As recommended by our legal team, we must close the submission of swap requests starting from April 6th at 12 AM UTC.

Please be aware that the opportunity to swap was available to everyone for more than two years and was extensively communicated across our social media channels. This step is taken not only to embrace change to CNT but also to protect our holders and ensure transparency within our community.

If You've Already Registered

There's no further action required on your part. The swap will not occur instantly.

It is managed on a 'First Come, First Served' basis and is limited to 500k IAG per month in total, not per individual user. Therefore, patience will be crucial.

Monitor the public spreadsheet to see your request status.

For any inquiries or further clarification, please email us at with your details. Note that due to high demand, response times from support may exceed 10 days. However, rest assured that if your request was submitted before the deadline, it will be processed.